MT Styles

Working on getting the photo galleries using Movable Type rather than just me doing them by hand. Becoming lazy? Yeah, a little. I’d like to automate archiving, take advantage of comments, use some of the ratings plugins I’ve seen, etc.

They style sheets, however, are killing me. KILLING ME! I will now weep silently as I have learned that my once powerful CSS/XHTML skills are now feeble and withered.

Editing them in this stupid text entry box doesn’t help. I also need to stop using CTRL-INS and SHIFT-INS for copy/paste. Apparently only old retards do this any more – that must be why Microsoft, Logitech and others are changing the layout of their keyboards. Bah, humbug!

Hey, look. This guy, Ryan Lowe, had some of the same problems/complaints as me. I guess I’m maybe not so stupid as I thought.