stockholm, sweden

I’m in Stockholm! We arrived early on Tuesday (GMT+1) after a grueling 14 hours in the air and immediately went to work with our good friends at DICE after a quick shower and shave.

Even in Stockholm, the largest city in Sweden, the atmosphere is amazingly relaxed and laid back. Everything seems to move at a much slower pace. It’s refreshing!

Our hotel, Hotel Rival, is just a half-mile or so from DICE. (Apparently Paris Hilton prefers the Rival to her own chain.) Check out the funky room. It is great fun to WALK to work – even in the rain – rather than sitting in a car for 45 minutes, grinding along at 25 MPH. I could get used to this.

I’m not sure, however, that I could get used to buying my video games at the 7-Eleven. How strange.

Enjoy the few pictures I’ve taken or check out this rad “birds-eye view” of Stockholm I stumbled across the other day.

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