emma and the xbox

Emma has been enjoying Burnout 3 right alongside me for the past few months. She calls it “the race car game” and demands that it be played several times a week.

She’s kind of like the color man in baseball, adding interesting commentary and a little play-by-play:

“Ohhhh! Daddy you crashed! Look at that car in the rolling! Oooohhhh, Daaaaddy!”

“Hehehe! That car is flying and flying and flying in the air! Oh, silly Daddy!”

“Oh, Duuuuck! Look at that silly school bus crashing and crashing and crashing! There’s so much dust in the air!”

In addition to her role as announcer Emma also serves as a backup singer for the game’s soundtrack. She’s grown very fond of “Lazy Generation” by The F-Ups (yes, I cringe when I think about it) and she’s also a big fan of “I Wanna Be Sedated” by The Ramones.

My little girl is a gamer… and on her way to becoming a punk.

2 thoughts on “emma and the xbox

  1. Dang, I’m jealous. Sam developed an intense interest in the PS2 controller recently, but she still wants to put it in her mouth more than play games with it.

    Emma is going to make some geek very happy some day. :)

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