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“Two are better than one.”

I have no idea who coined this phrase but it is amazingly true. Having two children is wonderful, especially when I get to see them interact together.

“What’s that, Marla?” Yes, I can hear you now. “Wasn’t it you that was saying you wouldn’t recommend such a small age difference between children not too long ago?”

Well, yes, but I guess I’m softening my viewpoint, although I still maintain that a 3 year age difference probably would have been wiser.

The first few months of Henry’s existence were very difficult for us – that can not be denied. Since he’s grown in to such a “big boy” (that’s Emma’s description of him), though, the tide has turned. It’s just gotten easier.

Playing is so much fun now. Emma enjoys showing off and Henry loves watching her antics. Henry’s toys are not good enough. He’s got to have what sister is playing with or reading.

This afternoon, for example, Henry was grabbing for one of Emma’s books as she was reading it. All of the sudden Emma says, “Duuuude… Henry, don’t do that!” It was pretty cute, as you can imagine.

(Grandparents, no shaking your head! There are much worse words and phrases out there she could be using!)

Another plus you’ll find with #2 is a huge decrease in anxiety. I fretted about everything with Emma, as a true first time mom will naturally do. Now, though, I am much more nonchalant and take everything in stride.

Play time and swimming (on the weekends) have filled our afternoons, but sleep has returned into the picture. Emma is now taking an afternoon nap again, sometimes with Baby and sometimes with Squeezer, her bear. I guess getting up a 6 a.m. everyday will do that to you. Henry is usually up between 5:30a.m. and 6:00a.m. Big Sister must not want to miss a thing!

Since I don’t “develop” the pictures we take, I’m not sure what will end up attached to this excerpt, but we’ve been having fun these past weeks.

A lot of my recent pictures have tried to capture Emma and Henry in action. They are just so cute together. They play independently, but are both aware of the other’s presence and occasionally stop to watch what the other is doing.

Enjoy the pictures!

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