My brother volunteered his new house for Thanksgiving dinner this year. It was to be a huge feast, with both our immediate family and his wife Jessica’s family present. They were expecting, all told, about 20 grandchildren, children, parents, grandparents and cousins. A great way to break in a new place, don’t you think?

Unfortunately Granma and Granpa Northcutt both ended up contracting a nasty stomach bug and spent most of Thanksgiving weekend unable to eat or sleep. Marla and I took care of preparing the turkey, dressing, pecan cake, sweet potatoe souffle and other traditional Thanksgiving delicacies early the morning of the big show.

We had a great time visiting with people we had, for the most part, not seen since Paul and Jessica’s wedding. Watching the cousins play together was a blast, though, admitidly, little Madison mostly just laid there and slept as four month olds are wont to do.

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