Dear Mom and Dad

As Emma has become a more adept reader she’s also improving her writing skills. Watching her progress from tracing dotted outlines to scrawling her name on her own to copying words from her books all the way to writing her own notes has been really exciting and rewarding.

We haven’t pushed her too hard to recently to improve, so watching her practice writing at her own pace has been an extra treat. She definitely has a real fire for learning. Hopefully “No Child Left Behind” won’t beat it out of her once she starts school.

ANYWAY, we got an unexpected display of her writing skills recently when she was sent to her room. She cried and pleaded, begging not to be sent to her room but eventually accepted her punishment like a big girl. When her time was up she rejoined society and had a pair of presents for Mommy and Daddy.

Dear Mommy
Dear Mommy

Dear Daddy
Dear Daddy

She had addressed an envelope and written a letter to each of us using a little note set from The Ledfords. (I love the fact that she “stamped” each one with a little sticker in the upper right.)

Marla’s note says, “I dot like bie myself.” Translated that is, “I don’t like to be by myself.” She obviously wanted to make sure that Mommy knew she didn’t enjoy her punishment. Notice how she ran out of room at the bottom for “self” in “myself” and just continued right on at the top.

I was still at work when this all took place so my note is a plea for support. “Todd come home sone” or “Todd, come home soon!” Clearly she was looking to me for some support.

Am I such a softie that my 4-year old daughter already knows that she can bat her big blue eyes at me and get a lighter sentence?

3 thoughts on “Dear Mom and Dad

  1. I guess the following people who I have talked to
    about my Granddaughter Emma’s extraordinary talents and skills are believing me now. Very few
    four year olds, could even write and express themselves as she did. Keep up the good work Emma
    This Grandma is so proud of you.

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