2007 Race for The Cure

Hello everyone!

I’m sure you’ve been waiting… anxious with anticipation that we should once again ask for your help as we participate in the 2007 Race for the
. This year, something a little different though. Todd has taken the initiative to start a team at his work (GameSpy) and we hope to walk and run with a group of good friends rather than going it solo.

We invite you to participate in the walk on Sunday, September 23rd as a member of the GameSpy team or, if that’s not possible, to contribute to our fundraising goal.

There are many donation options. You can contribute toward an individual member or to the general team. More team members should be joining as we get closer to race day – we hope!

It is hard to believe that last year’s Komen Race was Todd’s first (trained) 5K and that now he is training toward the goal of participating in a 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles). Between morning runs (Todd), walks (Marla) and week-end yoga (Marla) we hope we are setting a “healthy” lifestyle example for our children. Now, I just need to give up some of my sweet indulgences or at least hide them. (Emma knows all my tricks!)

We hope you all have had a fun Labor Day week-end and thank you in advance for your support! We look forward to the race!

Marla, Todd, Emma and Henry

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