And That Was Halloween

Halloween yesterday was interesting. I said in last year’s Halloween write-up that both kids were aware and anticipating the holiday. Oh, how wrong I was. Last year was merely some excitement about it. This year was full-blown, wiggle-inducing anticipation.

Emma, literally, couldn’t stand still for most of the day. She was running through the house alternating between dancing, singing and shrieking. Not that a normal day is much different, mind you.

We recycled costumes, with Emma wearing a Cinderella dress she’s had for quite some time and Henry donning the Lightning McQueen outfit Emma wore last year.

They were both ready to leave the moment I walked in the door from work. We hit almost half of the houses in the neighborhood and stayed out for a good 30-40 minutes. A far cry from the 5 houses we visited when Emma was Henry’s age.

We only left a few houses in tears. Henry was reluctant to go to any house that had any decorations even remotely scary or spooky. Ghost? Nope, not going there. Fog machine? Turn on the tears. Any howling or moaning? Turn and run away (into the street.)

By the end of the night we had a full haul. Witness the treasure:

Emma’s Halloween Haul
1 Hershey’s chocolate bar
1 Kazoo
4 KitKat
1 Sunkist Fruit Gems
1 Whoppers
11 Tootsie Rolls
3 plain M & M’s
2 peanut M & M’s
3 Baby Ruth
1 Jolly Rancher (sour apple)
1 Twizzler
1 Nestle Crunch
2 Skittles
4 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
1 Florida’s Natural Sour Strings
1 Animal Crackers
3 Laffy Taffy
6 assorted lollipops
1 Body Part (finger)
1 Dots
5 Starburst
3 Snickers
1 Take 5
2 Twix
1 Almond Joy
1 Mounds
1 Truffles Nuggets
2 Three Musketeers

2 thoughts on “And That Was Halloween

  1. Nice. Sam was moderately excited about it, but I think she just liked her purple girlie dragon costume more than anything. Certainly not the level Emma and Henry seem to be reaching. We were out for maybe half an hour before she asked me to carry her home.

  2. cute pics. Bailey was so excited this year too. we went with the neighbors. She lasted 1.5 hours. she walked the entire way and took candy breaks. madison rode in her stroller and sucked on suckers the whole time. lots of fun!

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