GameSpy Holiday Rock Fest

GameSpy has always put on a great Christmas holiday party. (“It’s a lonely time of the year for the Jews,” says Mark Surfas.) See 2003 at seven degrees for proof.

This year was no different and, in fact, may have trumped all previous parties. The party was held at The Shark Club in Costa Mesa, where we had the 2006 party. In a first for GameSpy we were invited back to a venue for a second time!

Our holiday party is typically the one time of year when our mostly t-shirt and jeans crowd actually puts on collared shirts or – gasp – a dress. In addition to the “adult” dress-up we also did a little make believe dress-up for our Rock Band competition.

Few games have captured the office’s attention and passion like Rock Band. (See our Rock Band index for proof.) To quench our desire we held a Rock Off, with an esteemed panel of judges and seven band battling for the crown.

The photos speak for themselves.