Where The Buffalo Roam

I visited Broad River Bison earlier this summer during a surprise visit and met my Dad’s bison for the first time. They were a little scrawny in the heat of the summer so I was excited to see what they would look like with their winter coats on.

I wasn’t disappointed! They’re coats were thick and full, making them look much like the iconic buffalo you see in westerns. Granted, they weren’t slogging it through the snow in Yellowstone, but they were still quite a sight to behold lumbering behind the truck on the way to feed them.

They’ve practically eaten the ground bare, as you can see, so my Dad will be opening up the field above them for more grazing in a few more weeks. I’m sure they’ll love the lush new space.

Henry was, unfortunately, asleep for this visit so he missed out on seeing the bison up close. Emma, as you can see, was hanging out in the back of the truck while Dad fed them and seemed to enjoy the show. Too bad we don’t have a yard big enough for a few of our own!

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