Birthday Boy Rides Again

Henry turned three in December and put a check mark next to one of the required rites of passage for children: getting a first bicycle. We gave it to him on his actual birthday and let him tool around for a bit ahead of his party on the weekend.

It was a frustrating experience, honestly. For some reason Henry couldn’t figure out how the pedals worked. He’d just stand up and put the brakes on. He was frustrated and so were we… so we called it a day after just a few minutes.

The next day, though? He magically figured it out during his sleep, I guess and now we can’t keep up with him. Ironically he’s also forgotten how to use the brakes and can’t stop anymore other than by dragging his feet on the ground.

His party was a few days later. Emma suggested the theme: a Tonka Truck party. Marla made a beautiful cake and we had a bunch of activities all revolving around trucks and cars. The kids played a little red light/green light. The crowd was small but the party was great!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Boy Rides Again

  1. Tungsten? CNN? Cute kids! I have a son of my own. I was seemingly bored today and I google… and I found an old resume of yours in .pdf format… Then of course I googled your name and this is where it brought me.

    Drop me a line sometime. Glad to see you are doing well… it’s been about 15 years?


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