Happy Father’s Day

It seems only fitting that today, Father’s Day, be our “coming out” announcement.

In early September we will be adding another member to the ever-growing Northcutt household. Mommy is doing quite well. Emma and Henry are looking forward to having one more playmate. We are waiting to be surprised about boy or girl, as we’ve done each time before .

This is, of course, wreaking havoc on the naming process. Marla found an awesome baby naming book called The Baby Name Wizard.

Unlike other books this one appears to be based on real data. Each name has a popularity trend based on frequency, not rank. So, while Mary ranked #61 according to the Social Security Administration, fewer than 0.1% of children were named Mary.

As Marla said when she gave it to me, “It was too nerdy to pass up.” Don’t believe me? Try the absolutely killer NameVoyager on the website.


The book also suggests sibling names based on name families. Siblings for “Emma” included Grace (Emma’s middle name), Lily, Owen (Henry’s middle name) and Noah (a runner-up for Henry.) Groovy! Who knew we were so predictable?

At any rate, we will keep you updated on how things are progressing over the next few months as we race towards delivery. And, to all you other fathers out there, happy Father’s Day!

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