Shinjuku By Day, Shinjuku By Night

The Hilton in Shinjuku is just blocks from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government complex. The complex is, to say the least, quite an impressive set of structures in a city filled with them.

It is the second tallest building in Tokyo and the 7th tallest in all of Japan. (I saw the tallest, the Yokohama Landmark Tower, when I went to visit Yukes, creators of the excellent WWE Smackdown vs. RAW games in Yokohama.)

You’ll also notice the uniquely shaped Cocoon Tower, Tokyo’s response to the famous “gherkin” (30 St Mary Axe) in London, I suppose. I’d seen it under construction on my trip to the Tokyo Game Show in 2007 but as of October 2008 it was open.

The second half of this set were all time-lapse photos taken at night as I wandered back from my delicious ovary and brain dinner. Tokyo never sleeps – even at midnight the train station is buzzing and cabs are waiting everywhere you turn.

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