The Beach in January

We had an unusually warm day in January so we took the opportunity to visit the beach!

We started with a visit to Gary’s Deli in Corona Del Mar. We’ve been coming here since just before Emma was born, though the time between visits has increased. It had been at least a year since we ate at Gary’s this trip but the owner behind the register still remembered us and had our usual order punched in without us even asking. That’s service!

After the deli we hit the beach. Emma and Henry had a glorious time, chasing sea gulls, searching for shells and playing in the sand. Marla and Cora strolled the beach. I’m sure the sound of the waves contributed to Cora’s nice nap!

We finally ended up at Sprinkles, a “gourmet” cupcake establishment. Marla had heard raves from some of her friends so expectations were high. Thankfully, they didn’t disappoint. (And at a few bucks per cupcake, they shouldn’t!) Everyone enjoyed their treat. See the evidence on Emma’s face.

A long day playing at the beach, of course, leaves one quite tired. Henry zonked out during the car ride back home and then fell asleep again while trying to get his pajamas on. He sleep just as hard as he plays.

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