| 05.31.2003 | Trackback

For some strange reason, Trackback links just won't go away. Since you're supposed to make inane comments in these kinds of updates I'll just go on record and say that it really annoys me that the Sci/Tech section of Google News is pretty much always stories that really belong in the business section about tech companies.

Lucent sells $1.53B convertible bonds? Dandy. I'd much rather have a page full of stories about upcoming Mars missions in Sci/Tech, thank you.

@ 11:30 AM by TNorthcutt

| 05.30.2003 | This Works

Neato, skeeto. Movabletype is installed and working! There are a boatload of templates that need to be created (comments, archives, individual archives, etc.) but this is fairly cool and was actually pretty darn easy.

Thanks to joost for the help w/ installing and wayne for getting shell access working for me!

@ 7:45 AM by TNorthcutt

| 05.27.2003 | New Digital Photos

I've made the leap to digital. My Canon 10D has exceeded all expectations. I spent a good chunk of Monday cropping photos I'd taken over the long weekend and posting them here. The last four galleries of Emma are all from the 10D with my new 50 mm f/1.8 lens. It's such a great lens and so cheap. I wish I'd taken the advice I read on photo.net all those years ago and got this lens to begin with. Alas, I was seduced by the zoom.

I also put up a few non-Emma pictures - *gasp* - These are all backyard photos just to see what kind of pseudo-macro and depth of field tricks I could pull with my new toys. I'm pretty impressed with some of them.

@ 9:49 PM by TNorthcutt

| 05.26.2003 | Caught Up

Well, I'm finally caught up scanning pictures. I think I may have scanned my last film role and from here on out we'll be completely digital. Some stats on the first year in photos for Miss Emma Grace:

There are 35 galleries of 446 pictures. That means a new gallery approximately every 1.5 weeks. I generally choose 12 out of a roll of 36, so we can guesstimate that I've taken at least 1338 pictures or 3.6 pictures per day for the last year. WOW!

@ 9:41 PM by TNorthcutt