| 06.30.2003 | Arroyo Trabuco Wilderness Hike

I took far too long a hike in the Arroyo Trabuco Wilderness. Came back sunburned, but had a great time. I suspect the round trip was approximately 7 miles or so. If you check out the 2nd map in the link above our house is near the bottom, where the Tierras Creek Trail crosses the gray line and comes closest to Antonio.

In addition to walking too far, I took far too many pictures! I spotted ducks, a silver argiope spider and even a gopher snake! I ended the hike near the toll road bridge. A new lane is under construction.

Arroyo Trabuco Wilderness

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| 06.28.2003 | Flowers and spiders

With Emma and Marla on vacation in Seattle I have nothing but nature to photograph. I've been taking walks in the evenings in the canyon across the street. It's part of O'Neill Regional Park and is one of the reasons we love it here.

Last summer/fall we stumbled across a few tarantulas wandering the trail. Yes, there are tarantulas here - even in Irvine! I have yet to see them again, despite my searching. Here's the best I could do.

O'Neill Regional Park

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| 06.24.2003 | Girls are away

Marla and Emma are in Seattle, so I'm spending my evenings putting up photos! Two new sets of pictures of Emma that are sure to delight. They'll be back in a week! Whatever will I do all by myself?

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| 06.18.2003 | Swimming for the first time!

We took Emma swimming for the first time this past weekend. She had an absolute blast playing in the water and, of course, looked super-cute in her little bathing suit.

Check out the pictures of Emma's First Swim.

I also uploaded a few more non-Emma pictures. A few close-ups of snails, grasshoppers and graham crackers in this gallers.

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| 06.14.2003 | Canyon Trek

We took a stroll down in the canyon (part of O'Neill Regional Park) across the street a few weeks ago. I've finally posted the pictures, both of Emma and plants we saw along the way. Links below:

  • Emma on Canyon Hike
  • Flowers, Cacti and Bee

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  • | 06.09.2003 | Flower Chairs and Sundresses

    I just posted a bunch of great pictures of the Little Princess.

    The first from the day after Memorial day and Emma is "walking" outside in her shoes, pushing her shiny red car.

    In the next set, Mrs. Emma is having a blast playing with the awesome flower chair that Darren and Rebecca Tabor gave her. So cute!

    The final set is from a sunny afternoon stroll through the neighbor hood. Emma is dressed in a nice orange sun dress from her cousin Maggie Smith.

    Enjoy all of the pictures!

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    | 06.02.2003 | Lilies Blooming

    The lilies around here have really started to open up. While walking with Marla and Emma the past few weekends I've taken a ton of photos. Hope you enjoy them!

    I have a bunch (like 200+) pictures of Emma that need to be processed and then go up on the site. I assumed that going digital would make this easier. Instead, I think I've created a monster :)

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