| 08.31.2003 | Our Little Butterfly and a Wedding

Emma has been just in love with her purple ballerina outfit. She's the cutest thing when she has it on and is dancing. Need proof? See below! I've been experimenting a little with Photoshop conversion to black and white using the Channel Mixer. Much better results than simply desaturating. Almost as good as shooting B&W film with filters! Hope you enjoy.

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| 08.28.2003 | Mars and Cemeterys

Two subjects that don't often go together, true. Periodicity is fun. Check out this interesting article by Jean Meeus. If you live long enough, you'll get to see a bright Mars in 2050. Best viewing in the next 1000 years? September 8, 2729. Good luck!

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| 08.22.2003 | Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

Let's hear it for one more round of pictures from Atlanta! Hooray! I have several dozen photos from the Confedrate Cemetery in Marietta that should make their way online this weekend. 'Til then, enjoy!

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| 08.13.2003 | More from Atlanta

I spent lunch processing a few more rounds of photos from Atlanta. Oh, and the number of candidates is down to a much more manageable 131 candidates according the the L.A. Times. Joy!

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| 08.12.2003 | One State - Two Arnolds

There are over 195 people that will appear on the ballot in the recall election in October. Crazy! In my opinion, though, it all boils down to two candidates: I'm still undecided as to whether to vote in favor of the recall or against it. It feels very much like sour grapes to me, even though I'd love to see Gray Davis out of office. On top of that weighty choice I now have to decide between two of my all-time favorite Arnolds. What's a guy to do?

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| 08.11.2003 | Back in the Saddle

Has it really been a month since I posted any pictures? Why yes, yes it has! We took a 10-day vacation to Atlanta to get my brother (Paul Northcutt) and his beautiful bride (Jessica Brown) hitched.

I took over 600 photos during the 10 day trip and am just now getting caught up on processing. So, let's make with the posting! Still crunching away on all of the others... enjoy these for now!

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