| 10.31.2003 | Trick or Treat?

Well, of course it's a treat when you're with Emma! We just finished up our first Halloween with Emma all dressed up as a cute bumblebee. She had a great time waiting at the door with Mommy as people came to the door looking for candy. She waited until Daddy arrived home to go out door to door. We only visited a few folks, but Emma had a good time walking in her little outfit. Afterwards we dined on some yummy spider cake.

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| 10.25.2003 | Last of September

Yep. It is nearly the end of October, but I'm just getting around to finishing posting September pictures! Here are the last few of last month: Thanks to both sets of grandparents for supporting us during the Susan G. Komen cancer walk. Emma appreciates it!

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| 10.20.2003 | A few more

I'm on a bit of a roll! Some more photos from the end of September: For those who saw the NY Post story regarding the CNet acquisition of GameSpy remember that it's a tabloid :)

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| 10.17.2003 | A Summer of Weddings

The summer was filled with weddings, it seems. My brother, friends from work and Rochester and a cousin. Good opportunities to capture little Miss Emma all dressed up! One a site-related not I started using the Anti-Spam Address Enkoder from the fine folks (folk?) at Hiveware early last week. The number of spam mails I get has dropped from a few dozen per day to only a few per week. Amazing! I highly recommend it for anyone who has their e-mail address posted on a web page. (Thanks, joost!)

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| 10.05.2003 | Emma is a cutey-pie

Emma had a grand old time at the playground on Labor day weekend. Photos below! Lastly, here's photographic proof that you CAN have fun in a darkened closet. (Don't worry - just time-lapse pics of a plasma ball.)

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