| 12.22.2003 | Johnny Cash and Monkeys

I have to thank joost for finding this. It brings a tear to my eye... BTW, if you haven't heard Cash's version of "Hurt" then you're missing out. It makes Trent Reznor look like a whiny pansy. This guy knows pain and suffering.

@ 8:32 AM by TNorthcutt

| 12.20.2003 | Thanksgiving photos

Whew. Been a while, but I finally started working on the photos from our Thanksgiving trip to Seattle nearly a month ago. Here ye go! I started including slideshows (link under the date) for each of the new galleries. I found a great PHP slideshow script by Greg Lawler that was a cinch to customize and get working on our site.

@ 3:51 PM by TNorthcutt

| 12.07.2003 | Puppets and Playgrounds

We're stuck inside during a rare rainy day. I posted a few new sets of pictures. Hope you enjoy! Random junk: Please, please let this article be true. We definitely need to be doing something with our space program other than keeping the space station afloat. Like, heading to Mars maybe? C'mon, George! You can do it!

@ 3:15 PM by TNorthcutt

| 12.06.2003 | Back from Thanksgiving

We're all back in sunny SoCal after a nice visit with the Mandels in Seattle. Marla and Emma came back in the nick of time, with high winds knocking down trees and power in Woodinville just after they left the ground. A few photos for you: I took a good number (~ 200) while we were in Seattle. Look for those to arrive soon!

@ 2:31 PM by TNorthcutt

| 12.05.2003 | Merger in the Works

Rumors were swirling before Thanksgiving, but we all discounted them. Now it looks like there was a little truth to those rumors! Mark announced yesterday that GameSpy and our rival IGN intended to merge. Together we'll be the largest gaming-related site on the Internet.

Fun times are ahead! I'm very excited! We've been fierce competitors for years, each dominating in an area where the other was weak. This should be a perfect match.

@ 10:06 PM by TNorthcutt