| 02.28.2004 | Our Little Talker

Emma has blossomed into quite the little talker over the past few weeks. It is amazing how quickly she's advanced from communicating with just one word to stringing together two or three and even making complete sentences. Her first full sentence happened last Sunday and was:
Read book, please, Daddy.
I couldn't resist and we broke our rule of no reading while eating and sat down with her to read a book abour trains. Yep, her latest obsession is the train. It's almost scary that someone not quite two years old can tell the difference between hopper and gondola cars as well as box and cattle cars.

If you'd like to hear our little genius speak, check out the short sound clips below. (We're still working on a few of them.)

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| 02.23.2004 | Bathtub Photo Shoot

Usually I get to give Emma her bath during the weekend. It's always a bunch of fun for both of us. Daddy is a little more lenient with it comes to splashing (and many other things) than Mommy is. That's just the way of things, I guess. I spent most of our bath on Sunday with the camera in hand while Emma happily splashed up a storm. Here are the results.

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| 02.22.2004 | Tootsie Rolls Gymnastics

For some strange reason I had Presidents' Day off this year. (Thanks, Mark!) That meant I could stay home and head to Tootsie Rolls with Marla and Emma. They go each week and always have a blast. Now you can see why!

Astute viewers will note that Emma is wearing three different pairs of pants over the course of the day. Yes, accidents do happen during potty training! I'm happy to say, though, that since Wednesday of this week Emma's not had a single accident. Our big girl!

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| 02.21.2004 | Emma Grace and Flo-Jo

We visited Florence Joyner Olympiad Park in Mission Viejo for the first time last week. As I learned at the park, Flo-Jo was a Mission Viejo native and the park sits along the route used for many of the cycling events in the 1988 Olympics.

After playing 'til sunset we headed back home to decorate some tasty sugar cookies that Marla had made earlier in the day.

In a minor feat of digital trickery I combined a sequence of shots with Marla and Emma coming down a slide together into a single shot. I think it's pretty cool!

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| 02.19.2004 | GameSpy Barbeque

Being from The South, one of my favorite things in the world is eating barbeque. It's especially good when surrounded by friends and done in celebration. We did both at work last week, celebrating a fantasitc 2003 and our impending merger with IGN. Photos from the event in the gallery below.

GameSpy Barbeque Madness

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| 02.15.2004 | Valentine's Fun!

Valentine's day this year was so much fun. Emma sort of, kind of, a little bit understood it was a day for hugs and kisses - even more so than usual, I guess. We started the day with cards and a new Norah Jones CD for Mommy.

Next up was a yummy breakfast with The Tabors at The Waffle Lady in sunny San Clemente. We looked at "big girl beds" with Emma afterwards, which she enjoyed mightily.

We ended the day relaxing together with more hugging and more kissing until we finally called it a night.

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| 02.14.2004 | O'Neill Regional Park in IR

I spent a little bit of time walking around O'Neill Regional Park this weekend and last, taking a few more pictures with my new, fancy-pants IR filter. The world looks kind of spooky.

O'Neill in IR

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| 02.12.2004 | Preparing for B-Day

Marla prepared an excellent (as usual) coconut cake for my birthday. It made entering my 3rd decade that much easier. (I'm 31 now.) Emma, of course, was happy to help ease my pain, too. Check out the pictures.

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| 02.09.2004 | First Pony Tail

The first week of February was filled with cuteness, cuteness and more cuteness. Below you'll find photographic proof evidence that the accused, Miss Emma Grace, is guilty of cuteness in the first degree..

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case.

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| 02.08.2004 | Delicious Peppermint

So, as it turns out, Emma is a huge fan of peppermint! Marla made some yummy peppermint ice cream the other week with leftover peppermint sticks from Christmas. Emma, of course, had to try it. You can see from the photos below that she liked what she tasted.

Oh, and in case you haven't noticed I have now enabled commenting on most of these. Not that I think people are actually reading this and going to comment, but, hey, why not?

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| 02.06.2004 | First Foray into Digital IR

My Hoya R72 arrived from B&H Photo and I was eager to try out my first digital IR shots. I'd read lots about digital IR but had seen very little specific to shooting with the 10D. Check out the results! I'm really excited about exploring the world of the near IR. Aren't you?

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