| 03.30.2004 | Two Sets of Grandparents

I'm back from GDC and raring to post pictures. The set below are from the rare weekend where at least one grandparent from each side of the family were in town at the same time. They weren't actually in our house at the same time, but they were both in the county. Or something.

I have more worked up, but my main PC has been crashing left and right lately. Makes it hard to get more than a few pictures processed at a time. I'm not sure if it is simply heat problems, old age (going on 2 years) or what. I guess it really is time to buy that new Athlon 64 system, isn't it?

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| 03.18.2004 | Spring Approaches

Can you belive it is almost spring time? Things are starting to bud and bloom here and the temps have risen from chilly winter (60 F) to warm spring (70 F). Ah, California!

A few pics of Emma and then it's off to bed for me.

I'm going to be at the Game Developers' Conference for most of next week. I'm really loking forward to going. This will be the third year in a row and each time the seminars, lectures and round tables get more interesting. Leaving home for 3 days is a drag, but I'll cope :)

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| 03.11.2004 | Emma Drinks Tea

Marla's been on a bit of a tea kick lately. We've been having some dandy Earl Grey or chai tea almost every night. Not one to be left out, Miss Emma had to try. As you can see below, she loved it!

We just finished a great visit with Marla's parents. They were down for a little over a week relaxing with us. I, sadly, spent far too much time working on merger-related stuff and took hardly any pictures :( Luckily they'll be back soon and maybe I can make up for it!

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| | Moon, Venus Close

A few weeks ago the moon and Venus were just a few degrees from one another in the night sky. It was pretty spectacular.

Later this month you'll be able to see 5 planets just by staring up at the sky - a pretty rare sight!

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| 03.05.2004 | IGN/GameSpy is Born

Yesterday was the last day for GameSpy Industries and the beginning of something all new: IGN/GameSpy. Check out the press release discussing the new company. Some frightening numbers:
  • IGN/GameSpy websites reach 25 million unduplicated, unique visitors per month and had nearly 1 billion page views in January 2004
  • More than 200,000 active, paying monthly and annual subscribers
  • As many as 600,000 players matched every day in GameSpy Arcade
  • 6 - 7 million downloads per month from FilePlanet
Yes, a billion page views. You know, this could be the start of something big. ;)

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| 03.04.2004 | Cheers, Dawg!

We had a, uh, lively celebration on the day of the close of our merger with IGN. (It actually started on Tuesday night, but who's capable of keeping track?)

A yummy Last Supper, more champagne than I've seen (or drank) in my life, a $1000 dollar poker tournament and cigars galore. See us in all of our glory in the GameSpy Last Supper Gallery.

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