| 10.31.2004 | random randomness

A quick group of shots from the end of September and the beginning of October and I'm nearly caught up. It's amazing what not being around will do to hamper your rate of picture taking.

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| | comment spam - curses!

We got slammed by some nasty comment spam the other day, so if you spot random comments about weight loss, erectile dysfunction or getting our of debt shoot me a note and let me know. What's funny is I was talking earlier in the day to Jamie Madigan about his recent attack and how lucky I had been not to get hit.

I see another site I frequent was hit, too, on the same day by the same folks. Clever suggestion for getting around spam may be found here in "Concerning Spam".

We're going to be moving hosts, upgrading to MT 3.12 and other fun stuff in the next few weeks, so I'll likely put some of this in motion when I make the move rather than now.

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| 10.24.2004 | bellies then and now

Marla and The Baby continue to grow. At the check-up earlier this week things were right on track with Baby weighing in at 2.2 lbs and about 14 inches long.

2002 belly vs. 2004 belly

I promised some belly shots and here they are! We decided to go with a "classic" outfit that Marla loved when she was expecting with Emma. How can you go wrong with pink hearts? (I don't think you can.)

It's fun to compare the then and now pictures. Thanks to the magic of Photoshop I could resize appropriately and compare belly-to-belly. We're still a few weeks shy of when the 2002 picture was taken, but you get the idea.

The geek in me wishes I'd followed through on that "I'm going to take a picture every week like all of my friends!" promise but, alas, I have not.

And without further ado, here are the rest:

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| 10.18.2004 | quick emma fix

We've had two rounds of grandparents in town and a week-long trip to Sweden in the past month, so we're a little behind. I know it's been tough for some of you out there to go so many weeks without your Emma fix, so I thought I'd toss up a few pictures quickly to get you over the hump.


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| 10.05.2004 | overheard in the northcutt household

Things overheard in the Northcutt household over the past few days:

  • "Don't step on your Daddy. It's just not polite."
  • "Daddy, don't hold your left hand!"
  • "That light is on to help me remember to water the plants. Can you do me a favor later and water the plants?"
  • "Emma, don't do that!" (spoken by Emma)
  • "When you're hiding in the corner you're really telling me you need to go poop."
  • "Duck is SO famous!"
  • "Do you want a time out?"
    <eyebrows raise>
    "I mean no."
  • "Daddy don't antagonize you!"
  • "That's not appropriate." (spoken by Emma)
  • <incoherent shrieks>
    "That might be a sign it's time for bed."

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| 10.04.2004 | tell me what you think about gwar

Marla and I watched Empire Records (Fan Remix) this weekend. I had the distinct pleasure of introducing her to GWAR after the movie was over. She seemed unappreciative, which boggles the mind.

"How could one NOT appreciate GWAR?" I asked incredulously. It's simply not possible.

So now I put the question to you, dear readers. What do you think about GWAR?

What do you think of GWAR?


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