| 02.26.2005 | our breasts floweth over

A few weeks after Marla started breastfeeding Henry she started getting anxious, worrying about if he was getting enough, if her supply would keep up, etc. The lactation consultant recommended that she start pumping and feeding Henry from a bottle. Supply would be steady, she would know exactly how much he's eating... problems solved!

Of course, this created a new problem in that we had to find a place to keep all of that milk!

A full day's supply was always ready in the fridge, tossing it out when it passed it's "freshness" date and rotating in fresh stuff. We also started stocking up the freezer. "Just in case," we'd say.

We never tossed anything from the freezer so, of course, we were soon cramming little 4 oz. baggies of milk into the cracks between some frozen french fries and the filo dough.

It soon became apparent that we simply couldn't go on like that. We had filled the freezer from top to bottom and there was no room left even in the door. Sadly, the milk had to go.

our freezer is full a mound of milk sink full o milk

I pulled them out and made a pile on the counter as tall as the coffee maker and three times as wide. 124 bags later there was room in the freezer for more! At 3 to 4 ounces each we had approximately 434 oz. or a little over three gallons of milk in our freezer.

And we were worried about supply?

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| 02.17.2005 | i want to hug my henry

I was very worried that Emma might be jealous of Henry, upset that she was no longer the center of attention. This has, thankfully, turned out not to be the case. In fact, she absolutely adores him and has taken to calling him "my Henry" all the time. (He seems to dig her, too.)

"I want to hug my Henry."

"Oooh! My Henry is sleeping!"

"My Henry has a wet, wet diaper."

You'll notice in the pictures I posted that she can't get enough. To be sure, there are moments of frustration (like when Henry is wailing at the top of his lungs and Emma says "Go away, my Henry!") but they're generally few and far between.

She's also given him a nickname, "Hendry Dendry". It just absolutely cracks me up that a soon-to-be 3 year old is giving her 2 month old brother a nickname.

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| 02.01.2005 | milestones

This was a week of milestones! Let me regail you with two of them.

First off: Little Henry is finally supposed to be born! His expected date of arrival was Jan 26. He's now a pretty normal size and weight for a newborn and his sleep/wake cycles are pretty much right on track if here we a mere 5 days old today.

His weight today was 7 lbs 8 oz. Weight prediction is now a mere 53.7 pounds by 6 months. A much more, uh, normal (?) weight for a child than the 100 pounds I'd predicted earlier.

Next milestone: No more monitor for Emma Grace. The past two nights we've all slept the night through without the static of her milestone to lull us to sleep. She's been waking us pretty regularly in the morning since she's figured out how to open doors, so it seemed rather pointless.

The first night was, admittedly, an accident. In our sleep deprived state we simply forgot to turn it on. Last night, though, we conciously decided not to turn the monitor on. It felt weird, for sure.

Was she calling us softly? Did she roll out of the bed?

No. She was soundly sleeping all night long - just as she always does. (I must admit that I regressed tonight and flipped it on just to hear her breathing. It's a comforting sound.)

The pictures I posted tonight are a mish-mash from the last week or so of January. You'll find some finger painting, some sleeping babies and a few bugs and flower shots. Enjoy!

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