| 11.29.2005 | digital packrat

One of the amazing benefits of being a digital packrat is that you're always running across things from your distant past. Like a RadioSpy v1.1 installer from March 2000 to silly webpages you made in 1998 to your first webcam photos from 1997.

One of the downsides, of course, is that you lose important stuff among all that cutter! Take these photos from September of our beautiful children, for example. Yes, from September. Just a few short months ago. And I lost them among the other 200 gigs of digital junk I've amassed over the years.

I'm a touch over 30 and already losing my mind. This doesn't bode well for the future!

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| 11.25.2005 | mister turkey

We've entered a new stage in parenting: attending a class performance at school.

Emma's class has been dilligently practicing songs for a few weeks now and on Tuesday we were able to see the results of such dedication during a "Thankful Feast." All parents were invited to join in for music and delicious food (deli turkey and store-bought rolls).

It was a treat not only getting to see Her Emma-ness perform but also to meet all of the children that she talks about each and every day. I've been given daily briefings for months now on the activities of Devin, John, Alyssa S., and Malachai but this was my first opportunity to put faces to names. A few more pictures from the Thankful Feast here.

Note: the movies may not work in Firefox and are a little large so may take a while to load.

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| 11.03.2005 | california international auto show

Early in October Granpa Northcutt paid a visit while on a business trip and took sweet Emma to the California International Auto Show in Anaheim.

Now, I know it may seem odd to take a 3 year old to a car show but if you know Emma - and I think you do - you'll realize that the only thing she would possibly love more is a duck exhibition.

You're heard the phrase "like a kid in a candy store," I'm sure. That needs to be updated to read, "like Emma at the car show." I've never seen a child more fascinated and thoroughly delighted with anything in my life. If everyone has their own version of heaven the auto show was surely hers!

She eagerly ran from car to car, sitting in nearly every single model and trying it on for size. As you can see, her tastes know no bounds. Whether economy or luxury, compact or king-cab, sporty or safe, Emma loved it.

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