| 07.31.2006 | chop sticks and water fountains

A few weeks ago we went to P.F. Chang's for dinner. I forget what the occassion was but we ended up having a blast, as you can see. Both Emma and Henry ate with abandon.

This is always a nice change of pace when it happens. Both of them tend to be picky eaters unless they're being served something full of cheese or butter and preferably fried.

I'd like to think that they were expanding their culinary horizon, consciously choosing to take a risk and try something new.

Of course, if I thought that I'd be dead wrong.

They really were only interested in making as big a mess as possible with their chop sticks and, if some exotic cuisine happened to fall into their mouth in the process, so be it.

Following the Chinese adventure we entertained ourselves for a few hours with the many activities the Irvine Spectrum has to offer. I think this trip the many fountains beat out the carousel. Both Emma and Henry were fascinated by the sight of flowing water.

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| | travel insanity

I had an absolutely ridiculous stretch of traveling last week, nearly 7500 miles in 7 days. Check it out:

Sun: Orange County to Chicago (2000 miles)
Mon: Chicago to Orange County (2000 miles)
Wed: Orange County to Seattle (1100 miles), Seattle to Vancouver (140 miles)
Fri: Vancouver to Vancouver (don't ask), Vancouver to Salt Lake (950 miles), Salt Lake to Orange County (700 miles)
Sat: Orange County to Las Vegas (275 miles)
Sun: Las Vegas to Orange County (275 miles)

I swear I'm staying on the ground this week.

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| 07.17.2006 | playing catch up

It's nice to be home for a few days in a row! I've found the time to catch up on April's photos from Marla's camera and finish posting May pictures from mine. Running a two-camera household is tough!

It's amazing to me, as someone who see's Emma and Henry every day, to look back even just two months and marvel at how they change.

Two months ago Henry was considerably more chubby in the cheeks than he is today and he was just beginning to totter along with confidence. (See Henry Walks The Line for proof.) Now he's a little boy who walks with purpose, speaks in full sentences and sleeps in a Big Boy Bed. More on that later...

Emma, meanwhile, continues to become more of a little lady and less toddler-like. "Please, Daddy, stop. That is annoying!" she'll say in irritiation. Precocious children can be fun.

As I've said before, though, my favorite part about catching up with pictures from Marla's camera is seeing all the sweet interaction the two of them have that I never get to see. The parting shot of them holding hands as they cross the park lawn is almost more than a soft-hearted daddy can bear!

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| 07.15.2006 | daddy-daughter dance 2006

The Daddy-Daughter Dance put on by the RSM Mom's Club finally took place after two years of false starts. (See pictures from the first attempt here.)

Emma had been anticipating it for weeks. She and Marla went out and bought a special dress just for the occassion.

"This is my Daddy-Daughter Dance dress!" she squealed with excitement.

The day finally came and the two of us posed for Mommy in our finest clothes. We spent the next few hours dancing the night away with a dozen other little girls and their fathers.

As I watched them dance and play it struck me that one of the only real difference between boys and girls, at this age anyway, is that the girls, draped in pink, were running around screaming a high-pitched "Wheeee!" while the boys would be clad in blue and running around screaming a guttural, "Oooohh!"

Life is grand!

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| 07.02.2006 | little austrians

I've just returned from a business trip to Germany and Austria and am headed out the door once again but wanted to share some pictures of my cutie pies!

That's sweet Emma Grace dressed in a traditional Austrian dirndl and Henry sporting a fine pair of lederhosen.

Off to the airport... more later!

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