| 12.06.2006 | Donuts lead to Dentists

We had quite the shocking visit to the dentist this year with Emma. She returned from her first "big girl" visit with a poor report card. Five cavities! The first picture in this set is her getting them filled a few weeks later.

It's normal for kids to have cavities, of course, but both Marla and I were mortified that she had so many and at such a young age. We swore right then and there that we were going to slash her sweets and make an extra effort to brush and floss.

You can see our resolve lasted oh-so-long... the very next picture is from playgroup chowing down on some yummy donuts.

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| 12.05.2006 | Halloween 2006

It hardly seems like a month (well, almost two!) have passed since Halloween. Time is flying by as we race toward the end of the year, I guess.

Henry was fully aware of the holiday this year and participated with gusto! He dressed as a little Austrian boy, wearing the leiderhosen I brought back from my trip this summer to Salzburg.

Emma took on the role of Lightning McQueen from the Pixar movie Cars. She's been calling herself McQueen for months now so it only seemed fitting that she finally look like him, too.

We kicked off the holiday with a visit to the Rancho Santa Margarita Fall Festival. Marla made some treats and worked at the Mom's Club booth while the costumed kids and I wandered the festival for candy, some Boo Bowling and a little tractor racing. I love the look of concentration and exhileration on Emma's face as she approaches the finish line.

The big night arrived and it was time to head out for some trick-or-treating. Henry insisted on carrying his "crumpkin" around by himself. By the end of the night it looked like the crumpkin was hauling him around. Emma did a darling, sing-song "Trick-or-treat!" at every door while Henry went for the more direct, "Treat!"

We arrived back home safe and sound and with a record setting take. The kids had a bite or two of candy (I took the rest to work shortly after) and all was right with the world.

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| 12.02.2006 | Black and White Northcutts

On the last day my parents were here we paid a visit to Ono Ono, a local Hawaiian restaurant. We're gearing up for our big trip to the Big Island at the end of December.

Henry chowed down on some loco moco and I gorged myself on a plate lunch. Emma helped herself to the very Pacific Rim dish: grilled cheese.

The set ends with some cute pictures of the kiddies sitting with Granma and Granpa while watching their new favorite TV show: Blue's Clues.

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