You Say It’s Your Birthday?

In mid-May the house was mobbed by cute girls and the air was thick with giggles and dancing. The occasion? Emma’s 6th birthday party! This year she opted for a princess party, a departure from past non-girlie themes which have included NASCAR and ducks.

We had intended the affair to be a fairly small crowd but many more people than expected RSVP’d yes and most of her friends have multiple siblings. No matter, though. The more the merrier when princesses are involved. Activities included make-your-own-princess-dress for the girls and a stab-your-friends-with-swords game for the boys.

Shortly before the tiara-shaped cake was served a messenger (one of the fellow dads) arrived and invited all of the girls to a “ball.” None of the girls like the classical music I selected for them to dance to so instead of an authentic waltz they spun and swayed to the final anthem from Star Wars.

After much dancing Emma blew out her candles, surrounded by a dozen friends, and embarked on Year Six of her Emmaness’s Benevolent Reign.

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