Emma Grace and Flo-Jo

We visited Florence Joyner Olympiad Park in Mission Viejo for the first time last week. As I learned at the park, Flo-Jo was a Mission Viejo native and the park sits along the route used for many of the cycling events in the 1988 Olympics.

After playing ’til sunset we headed back home to decorate some tasty sugar cookies that Marla had made earlier in the day.

In a minor feat of digital trickery I combined a sequence of shots with Marla and Emma coming down a slide together into a single shot. I think it’s pretty cool!

One thought on “Emma Grace and Flo-Jo

  1. Call it a “triple exposure” if you will :) I used the burst mode on my camera to get about 11 shots of them coming down the slide.

    I picked these three out of the batch and then merged them together as three slices in Photoshop. You can see a spot on the white pole on the left where the two shots don’t line up.

    I’ve fixed that on the original (it’s like 7200 pixels tall) and definitely plan to get it printed. No one prints panoramic shots, though, so I’ll have to get an 11×17 (with white gutters) and crop it myself.

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