tell me what you think about gwar

Marla and I watched Empire Records (Fan Remix) this weekend. I had the distinct pleasure of introducing her to GWAR after the movie was over. She seemed unappreciative, which boggles the mind.

“How could one NOT appreciate GWAR?” I asked incredulously. It’s simply not possible.

So now I put the question to you, dear readers. What do you think about GWAR?

What do you think of GWAR?


2 thoughts on “tell me what you think about gwar

  1. The movie was good! I think it’s what Breakfast Club was for us but for folks born 10 years later.

    GWAR is a band, but not just any band! They’re a band composed of million year old aliens responsible for life on Earth and entombed in ice as punishment… until they were awakened in the 80’s by record executives.

    How could you go wrong with that?

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