State of Disarray

Yes, the site is currently in a state of disarray and for that I apologize.

What started as an attempt to combat comment spam turned into an impromtu launch of a redesign. I’ve been getting 20-30 nonsensical comments each day for the past few weeks and, while irritating, it wasn’t the end of the world. I could easily junk them as they came in.

This morning, though, I awoke to find a fresh batch of 500 comments. I was furious both at the time it was going to take me to junk all of them and that I’d finally have to resort to some horrible CAPTCHA test to fend them off.

While installing the Comment Challenge plugin I managed to ruin my templates and essentially broke the entire site. (That sounds familiar…)

Anyway, here’s the new look. Lots of things are still broken so please help me find them all and leave a comment. I’ll look into it when I come back!

One thought on “State of Disarray

  1. Don’t you hate that spam stuff? I haven’t had too much trouble with it since I upgraded to the latest version of MT, but every now and again I’ll get a couple of dozen within a few minutes.

    The new design looks great! Very clean, very neat, very easy to read. Th eonly thing I really dislike is only posting the exerpt on the front page and making us click through to the full entry. It doesn’t seem like your entries are usually long enough to make that extra click through necessary and it makes it harder to catch up on multiple entries if you’ve been away or reading the site for the first time. Otherwise, looks great!

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