A Tale of Two Fields

We spent our spring break this year in San Francisco, kicking off a house hunt. The first few days were spent as tourists, staying right off Market just a few blocks away from a foodies’ paradise, the Ferry Building. The kids enjoyed the hotel stay I think, mostly because it entailed lazy mornings spent lounging in front of the television.

The second portion of the trip we stayed in a house in San Anselmo, nestled on a steep hillside in Sleepy Hollow. The goal was to see if we really liked it in Marin before we committed to a move.

We quickly learned that there are three kinds of people who inhabit Marin County. Hill People, Canopy People and Flatlanders. No group understands the other. Hill People can’t fathom how the Flatlanders do without expansive views. Flatlanders don’t understand how one could do without a sunny, level lawn. And, well, no one really understands the Canopy People who live their moist, mossy lives under the cool darkness of the redwoods.

We tried hard to convince ourselves that we were Hill People. The views from some houses of Mt. Tam and the surrounding hills were amazing. The stillness in the air and scent of the forrest when we visited a house in the redwoods was sublime. Alas, it appears that you are born into one group and your predilection can not be changed. Marla and I are 100% Flatlander, so nothing but a yard will do.

At any rate, we spent as much time playing as we did house hunting and the photos you see here are the results. The first series of shots are in the green grass of Albert Field in San Rafael. Much chase was laid and much fun was had. The photos transition immediately to the sandy beach near Crissy Field. (I don’t know why, but despite living less than 10 miles from sunny O.C. beach we never visit.) Our touristy cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge was awesome – I can see why tourists like to do it!

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