| 06.04.2004 | emma in smyrna

On our last day in Atlanta we paid a visit to the new downtown area called "The Village Green" in Smyrna, Georgia.

This area looks nothing like it did when I was a child. The mayor, Max Bacon, has done a superb job in turning a run-down city into an exciting and vibrant downtown area.

But enough about Smryna... the real story here is just how much Emma enjoyed playing in the fountain. I love the way that you can see her going from skeptical of the water to having absolutely no fear in the span of just a few images. Enjoy the show!

The last bit of this gallery shows Emma playing with Grandpa outside, searching for lightning bugs. She loved them! It's too bad that there are none in California. I weep a small tear for all the kids growing up here who can only read about them.

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