| 06.08.2004 | sweden wrap up, meeting sam

I finished putting up my photos from the trip to Gothenburg. These are all from our last full day in Sweden. We had finished our work and were free to explore.

We took a ferry ride from Saltholmen to the island of Brännö and had a great hike across the island.

I really loved the rural feel of the island. I think I could get into the whole "island living" thing they had going on. The pace of life seemed so much slower. (I'd probably end up stir crazy after a few days, though, honestly.)

We ended up getting drenched in a cold rain just before returning to the mainland. The sunset afterwards, though, made up for any discomfort.

I also found time to put up a few shots from a short trip we took at the end of April to visit with the Madigans. It was our first chance to meet Sam. She was a doll and Emma immediately fell in love.

I think this visit was the start of Emma's fascination with babys. Now whenever we see a baby - whether it be someone we know or a complete stranger - Emma heads towards them and says, "Want to kiss the baby!"

Can you blame her? Who among us, really, doesn't want to kiss the baby?

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