| 07.04.2004 | emma on the farm

At the end of May, while still back in Georgia, we took a trip down to the family farm. Papa O.N. grew up here along with all of his brothers and sisters. Great Aunt Ruth and her husband, Forest Peeples, still live (and work) on the farm.

Emma had been a few times before, but this was really the first time that she was able to run around and really play, as a child should on a farm. She just loved running alongside the garden with their dog, Pickle. ("Goway, Pickle!" was The Phrase of The Day for her.)

I have a crazy dream that one day I'll move back to this place and raise cattle "naturally." I really believe that you could make a good, honest living raising cattle that roamed in the fields and grew fat on grass.

With demand for organic fruits and veggies these days, I think there's probably a boutique market for beef, too. (Reading "Fast Food Nation" and its account of the beef industry did nothing but reaffirm my belief.)

I say this, of course, as I add this entry from my laptop while sitting on the patio in the warm California sun - courtesy of my wireless network.

Do they have broadband on the farm?

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