| 11.15.2004 | lady in red, lady in cardboard box

We took a short trip up to the fountain one afternoon a few weeks ago. This is the same one we visited in July, you may remember. Seems like I even took a few of the same shots without realizing it!

I just love the little red outfit Emma is in. She seems like such a little girl in it. I absolutely love this one of her chillin' by the wall.

You'll also spot a shot of Emma proudly sporting her deputy sheriff's badge... in a cardboard box. She and Marla stopped by the new Rancho Santa Margarita town hall and met the nice sheriff. Both Emma and Baby were deputized.

We wrap up with a few pictures from Grandpaw Northcutt's brief visit with us last week while he was in town on business.

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On November 17, 2004 8:45 AM Jamie said:

Grandpaw has something on the front of his shirt. :)

On November 17, 2004 10:31 PM Marla said:

Oh it's just a coffee stain Jamie. Don't embarrass Grandpaw! He feels bad enough that he didn't realize it was there until we were brushing Emma's teeth that night!

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