| 12.31.2004 | henry owen close-ups

Henry is a remakably agreeable subject when it comes to photography. He tirelessly poses for the camera and is amenable to trying new things and strange poses. He's not at all shy and doesn't mind me getting up close to his face.

Big sister Emma has been enjoying Henry to no end. This is good, as I was a little afraid she'd be jealous and decide she didn't like him.

She had, afterall, ominously picked out "When The New Baby Comes I'm Moving Out" from the library the other day. (Don't believe the negative review. What she describes is in the book, but it's great.)

Emma is copying everything we do with Henry with her stuffed anmials and dolls. Today was Red Car's day. The Car spent a good bit of the day wrapped in a "blanket" (a small washcloth) and went with us to Costco while Marla and Henry stayed home.

Car had to ride in Henry's car seat and Emma dutifully carried him around the store. Once we arrived home Emma decided it was time for her to "breastfeed" the car.

She is, indeed, an angel.

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On January 1, 2005 2:44 AM ferricide said:

your baby is very hairy. are you sure he is not a hobbit? also i am drunk


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