| 09.04.2005 | marietta national cemetery (in ir)

Uh, what? Pictures that aren't of sweet Emma and Henry? Yes, 'tis true. While we were vacationing I took a few pictures of things that weren't my progeny. Shocking, I know.

I had visited the Marietta Confederate Cemetery a few years ago (here are the pictures) and wanted to do something similar this trip.

So, while Emma, Henry, Marla and Granma were off visiting with cousins Bailey and Erin I took a drive up to the Marietta National Cemetery to see what I could find.

Unfortunately I went at high noon rather than waiting for better light. Rather than heading home empty-handed I decided to haul out the IR filter and see what I could do.

I've experimented with IR before and always liked the results. (See O'Niell Regional Park in Infrared and Skypark Circle in IR for examples.)

You'll either love these or hate these. I think they add a kind of spooky "otherworldliness." (Is that even a word?) There are a few normal shots scattered throughout so you can see what the scene really looked like.

Let me know what you think! (And fear not, I have lots more of Emma and Henry coming up soon.)

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On September 4, 2005 5:03 PM Ben said:

IR is cool. As was that site you linked.

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