| 10.30.2005 | i am henry. i am cute.

"Hello. My name is Henry and I am a cutie pie."

These shots are from when Henry-boy was first beginning to eat "people food," nibbling on the food from my or Marla's plate. As you can see he loves it. If it would please the jury, I present the following evidence for this assertions.

Note the throbbing vein on the subject's temple in Exhibit A below?

Food item A was removed from the reach of Subject and the vein pictured below sprang into view.

Exhibit A: Note throbbing vein on temple.

We've noticed this phenomenon repeatedly over the past ten months when he expresses his displeasure with a given situation. We haven't yet detected the "vein-popping" during moments of levity. Clearly the subject does not like to have food removed from his reach.

Exhibit B: Subject Displays Pleasure

In Exhibit B the subject is smiling despite being what most people call "a mess." Again, through observations made over the couse of subject's lifetime we have not detected similar pleasure during other situations where subject has "a mess" on other parts of his body.

We can thus conclude that the subject enjoys being "a mess" only when this state involves food.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we rest our case. The boy loves to eat.

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On October 31, 2005 6:32 AM Jamie said:

Wow, that's some vein. Makes me think "Henry angry! Henry SMASH! RRAAAAAARRR!" for some reason.

On October 31, 2005 3:55 PM Grandpa & Grandma Mandel said:

Those veins in his head really stand out. Sure indicates he might be quite a spirited fellow.
Todd, you did a great job in writing that up...
analytical, humorous, factual and entertaining.
We enjoyed the story.....as we always do.

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