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Henry has been putting all of this new teeth to good use. As evidenced in these pictures the boy likes to gnaw. Nothing makes him happier than to whittle a carrot down to size with his new molars. All four (two top, two bottom) are in now, in addition to the eight chompers he has in the front.

Both he and Emma are a still little persnickety when it comes to eating. We're still mostly stuck on chicken for both of them, though anything with cheese will be consumed, too (pizza, quesadillas, grilled cheese, etc.) I've gotten wise to Emma, though, and can get her to eat some vegetables - including broccoli - so long as we give her some ketchup to dip with.

Any other suggestions for getting children to eat their veggies? I know it's a life-long struggle, but I'm sure there are some fun ways to make them go down easier.

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On March 5, 2006 3:54 PM Jamie said:

Sam has usually been a pretty good eater in that she hasn't been finicky and will eat most of what we put in front of her. ...Until recently. She still won't eat meat of any kind, though.

Only tips I can offer are: 1) Try many, many different kinds of vegies to keep things interesting and find what they like, and 2) Try draining the liquid from a can of chicken and vegetable soup then serve it as a vegetable side.

Parenthacks.com (a great site, by the way) has a "feeding" category that has other tips you might try:


On March 6, 2006 1:09 PM Jody said:

I am very impressed that Henry is eating a raw carrot. Jonah still won't eat any raw fruits or vegetables. He gets sick (literally) every time he tries cooked carrots so the only orange vegetable that he will eat are Terra sweet potato chips found in the health section of Kroger/ Publix. They are pretty good and have a lot of vitamin A in them.

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