Emma Drinks Tea

Marla’s been on a bit of a tea kick lately. We’ve been having some dandy Earl Grey or chai tea almost every night. Not one to be left out, Miss Emma had to try. As you can see below, she loved it!

We just finished a great visit with Marla’s parents. They were down for a little over a week relaxing with us. I, sadly, spent far too much time working on merger-related stuff and took hardly any pictures :( Luckily they’ll be back soon and maybe I can make up for it!

2 thoughts on “Emma Drinks Tea

  1. Hi there! I came across your website while searching for info on the FloJo park in mission viejo. I guess you had a journal entry about it.
    My wife and I live in mission viejo and our daughter will be two on April 19th! Looks like yours is close in age?
    You take really good pictures, are you using a digital camera? Just wondering which one? I have a canon G5

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