Definition Lists – Who Knew?

Wow. Who knew there was such a thing as definition lists? I certainly should have, but didn’t. Shame on me!

In other news, I’m giving TopStyle Pro a whirl. It’s written by Nick Bradbury, the author of the original Homesite (pre-Allaire, pre-Macromedia). It feels almost like home!

CSS Layout Techniques is a beautiful list of layouts and how to accomplish using CSS vs. tables. Yowzah. This, along with a much needed redesign, is going to be my next big web project.

This is REALLY clever and neat use of border-left in menus. Swiped from li a
{ padding-left: 10px; } li a:hover
{ border-left: 5px solid orange;
padding-left: 5px; }
ul.links li a
{ padding-left: 0px; }

More theft from Randy Peterman via TopStyle news group:

There are a lot out there, in no particular order, places I’ve learned
include (but in no way limited to are)

  1. – view the source on the various style sheets
  2. – explore this site, you’ll find good resources here
  3. – a great tutorial here for getting started
  4. – maybe more advanced topics will be covered here
  5. – a great beginner’s source for HTML+CSS

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