Emma Speaks

It just blows me away how quickly Emma is picking up words and concepts these days. I came home from our home owners’ board meeting (I’m the secretary and treasurer, apparently) and Emma couldn’t wait to tell me about her trip to the grocery store.

EMMA: Daddy! Emma get b’lloon too-day.
DADDY: You did?
EMMA: (smiling) NO! Lallow b’lloon forty dollar. Too pensive.
DADDY: (laughing) Forty dollars?
EMMA: NO! Lallow b’lloon five dollar. Too much.
DADDY: Emma you are too smart. Did anyone ever tell you how smart you are?
EMMA: Yes. Daddy told to Emma too-day.

Like I said, amazing. Marla did indeed tell her that the yellow balloon (shaped like a butterfly) was too expensive and they’d have to wait and get one another day. They’ve gotten $1 balloons before, so I guess that’s our spending cap :)

She had a few other choice comments tonight. I have to remember to bring that iPaq home and record it.

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