28 miles to disneyland

Turns out we are a scant 28 miles from Disneyland. We splurged and got an annual pass for the entire family. Our last two weekends, therefore, have been spent with Mickey and the gang. We went in the evening on June 13 and then Emma and Marla took me for Father’s Day the following Sunday morning.

Emma’s favorite ride by far is Autopia, which she calls “bumper cars.” So far she’s always the driver, which is a nice change of pace for Daddy who generally acts as chauffeur.

P.S. I have no idea who these people are in the teacups at night but I really liked the pictures so I put them up anyway.

2 thoughts on “28 miles to disneyland

  1. The only bad thing about Autopia is that you’re forced to suck down all these noxious fumes that spew from the go-cart engines. They should hang a disclaimer sign that says, “Too much exposure to Autopia can lead to lung cancer. Yours truly, Mickey.”

  2. Oh Gosh, sheis so cute.
    Girl, I don’t know who you are, but is a strange thing. I had a fake friend, I don’t know thta she was fake. She had stolen your baby photos, and say she is called Jessica, and have a daughter called Emma. Your baby.
    It really makes me cry a lot when I saw it.
    She makes me believe she was my friend and she always ask me to edit your pictures.
    I didn’t know she was a fake, I’m so sorry.
    Your girl is too cute, you have a wonderful family.
    ~ Larissa

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