baby update #2 (ultrasound tour)

We had our big “Baby Tour” on Wednesday. The “Baby Tour” is that awesome ultrasound session you have sometime in the second trimester. If you’ve had it done, you know what I’m talking about.

The ultrasound tech begins poking and prodding with the probe, pointing out interesting features along the way. It’s a lot like the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland, only without the corny jokes.

“And here, you see The Kid‘s the feet. See those little toes? Aren’t they cute?”

“And this, of course, is the head. See the nose? And the eyes? So cute…”

You don’t, of course, see the eyes or the nose. But it sure sounds a lot better than, “See the eye sockets? Aren’t those cute eye sockets? And how about that nasal cavity!”

Our tech was extremely polite and, despite the annoying habit of calling our wonderful child The Kid, was an excellent tour guide. He answered all of my nerdy questions like, “What’s the standard deviation on those measurements of the femur?”

He also produced some stunning pictures of The Kid, including a nice 3D view of the face. (I started asking more nerdy questions about 3D and 4D ultrasound and he kindly flipped into 3D mode to illustrate a point.)

I’m totally fascinated by the development process we all go through. It blows me away that everything happens like clockwork in most cases. Every one of us starts growing fingers on the same day. Our ears form in exactly the same way on exactly the same day. The views of development offered by embryoscopy and fetoscopy just blow me away.

Enjoy these – we did! Marla’s growing and glowing! I’ll post a few pictures of her belly later this week. She’s got that awesome “expectant mother glow” going on in full force now. I can’t take a bad picture of her these days.

4 thoughts on “baby update #2 (ultrasound tour)

  1. Hey,
    Leigh Anne and I were looking at the pictures you took of the farm. We enjoyed seeing the new baby pictures.
    Hope you all are well.
    Sandra & Leigh Anne

  2. Well Todd,

    Sure is great to see you so enthusiastic and happy. I’d say that you certainly have much to be happy about. Those ultra-sounds just blew us away. We tend to share your enthusiasm & then perhaps add a little more (guess that’s not true – you’ve got to be #1 on that). We truly enjoyed the pictures…and your juicy comments. Felt like we were there.

    I can see you are coming around to my way of thinking. My wife was never more beautiful than when she was pregnant…it’s apparent that her daughter exhibits similar characteristics.

    Happy Days,


  3. Did you take Emma to the ultrasound? I can see how it might be a good way to solidify the idea of another baby’s being on the way, but on the other hand it still might be just too abstract and weird. Heck, it was abstract and weird to me when Geralyn had hers done.

  4. Yes, Emma was there! But, every good parent knows a situation like that requires a good bribe! This time she was treated to a M&M cookie (yummy chocolate). And while eating she counted toes and fingers from Todd’s lap. Too cute!

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