darren makes marks on the wall

Earlier this week sweet Emma was playing with the school house Darren and Rebecca gave her many moons ago. It’s always been a favorite of hers. She’s even gone so far as to name the little girl and little boy that came with the set “Darren” and “Rebecca”. It’s quite sweet to watch her playing with them.

While feeding Henry in the other room, Marla heard some noises coming from Emma’s room as she played. Marla knew she was up to no good, but with a nursing baby in one hand it’s tough to intervene. Time passed, the noises stopped and all was right in the world.

Later in the day, while straightening the toys in Emma room, Marla noticed lots of brown marks on the wall. She turned to Emma and stared.

Emma innocently stared back and said, “Darren makes marks on the wall.”

Yes, yes, indeed! Darren does make marks on the wall… when you repeatedly bash his head against it.

At any rate, enjoy the pictures of our playground supermodel. She’s staring to pose well for me if I can trick her into playing along as a game. Note to other parents: try sticking stuffed animals on your camera to make them laugh.

Unlike Big Sister, Henry isn’t getting into much trouble these days. He’s continuing to do a lot of sleeping, a lot of pooping and a lot of wee-ing.

He has started to grow more aware of his surroundings, though, and stay awake longer between feedings. You can see for yourself in the photos, of course.

We had his weight checked again on Monday and he was up to seven pounds. Another 8 ounces in 7 days. He’s packing it on!

I need to update the chart and see where we’re headed. 100 pounds seems entirely reasonable, don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “darren makes marks on the wall

  1. Wow! Emma keeps growing and growing. She IS a little supermodel. You should be proud of the pics you took at the playground. Very nice. Henry looks like he has filled out even more. Very cute. Sounds like Darren is quite the trouble maker. HA. Cute story.

  2. I’ve read a couple of places that young kids don’t actually distinguish between themselves and their toys when they play like that. So she may be telling you what she really thinks is the truth. They develop out of this around age 4 when they start to develop a sense of others as unique individuals instead of just part of their world. So Emma is getting close.

    Also, it makes me sad that your slideshows don’t work in FireFox. :(

  3. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that she really believed that “Darren” did it. She’s said similar things a few times, especially when it comes to throwing a toy and knocking something over.

    “Don’t throw in the house. You knocked over that picture and could have broken it.”

    “Yellow Ball did it.”

    Most of her toys are named, too. It’s not “the yellow ball did it,” but rather “Yellow Ball did it – not me!”

    re: FireFox

    I fixed it this morning – try again! Even though the size was defined in the object tag it wasn’t defined in the embed. Stupid IE makes us sloppy!

    I’ve switched over at work and generally use it at home, too. (Though it isn’t the default.)

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