the things emma says

Oh, hello. Are you still reading this?

Things have been slow on the site but busy, busy at home. We’ve had Grandma Northcutt visiting for the past two weeks and Daddy was out of town for a week at the Game Developers Conference.

I’ve got a gargantuan gallery of photos from the end of February to make up for it. (Yeah, I know March is almost up.)

You can also enjoy a few choice tidbits from Emma, who continues to impress us with her vocabulary. They don’t quite have the same impact when you can’t see her face or hear the tone of her voice, but hopefully some of it will come through.

“Daddy, I think somethings going on here.”

“Emma, you’re so original!”

“That’s not recycle, Daddy. Emma just wants to look and see some couches and chairs to buy.” (as Daddy tried to toss out a Crate and Barrel catalog)

“Emma don’t like Van Halen, Daddy.”

“Those peas are too snappy for me!”

“Emma wants you to go back to Sweden and get me some car snacks.”
“I can’t go back to Sweden, darlin'”
<Emma pauses>
“Emma wants Vahn to go back to Sweden and get me some car snacks!”

“I want you to buy Emma one like that, Daddy.” (with tears in her eyes, after being told she couldn’t play with Daddy’s iPaq.)

2 thoughts on “the things emma says

  1. Thanks for the pics. We have been waiting to see how much Henry has grown. Emma, you are too cute! I can’t wait till Bailey starts talking…I think we have a while though!

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