april play, april flowers

No theme in this week’s set of pictures, sorry. Just a big collection of shots from the 2nd week of April.

Henry was smiling even bigger that week and Emma was darling in her new outfits after a trip to Old Navy to buy some 3T clothes.

I had a blast taking her to the playground (and she did, too) but my allergies felt otherwise. The rains that brought us the painted ladies and amazing flowers also brought a heap of pollen along with them.

I think Emma has been cursed with my genes. She sniffles, too, after playing outside. Poor Emma Grace.

With the roses and other flowers in bloom it was time break out the macro lens and try to capture them up close.

While Emma was playing outside in her sandbox I was laying on the ground trying to get close to some tiny blooms. I’m sure she thought her Daddy had lost it when there was plenty of fun to go around playing in the sand.

This update brought to you by Elliot Smith’s XO.

One thought on “april play, april flowers

  1. I think Henry and the bear are communicating! Wow, that rose is as big as Emma! Good to see sunshine and smiles.

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