our big shrimp

Our sweet Henry Owen passed the four month mark last week and had his check-up with Dr. Dyer on Monday.

We’re happy to say that Henry is doing fine and proud to report that he’s now broken out of the bottom 5th on the weight chart and catapulted up to the bottom 15th percentile! He weighed in at a whopping 13 pounds 3 ounces.

Height-wise, he still doesn’t register. Though standing proud at 23 inches, he’s still below the bottom 5th percentile.

Keep on growing, little man!

5 thoughts on “our big shrimp

  1. Beautiful baby!! He does look like his big sister and his mommie too!! I am curious if Henry is a family name? It is a little unusual these days. I posted the same question a month or so ago. I love the name Henry. That is my little boy’s name (he is 6 1/2).

    Very cute baby!!

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