what’s in a name?

Emma has a very active imagination. It’s hard to keep up sometimes. For example, our entire family has whole sets of new names depending on what game she’s playing, what day it is or what season it might be.

Where she comes up with these nicknames, I have no idea. New ones sprout up each week, often more bizarre than the last. The current reigning champion for weird is “Marcella Ranch.”

For example… on “Race Day” (that’s Sunday for you non-NASCAR fans) the family lineup looks like this:

  • Emma = Ashlee
  • Henry = Bobby Labonte
  • Daddy = Jeff Gordon
  • Mommy = Mommy NASCAR

I’ve created a handy chart for those of you keeping score at home:

Emma Henry Mommy Daddy
Julia Dendy Miss Jill (n/a)
Tommy Mew (n/a) Kevin
Ashlee Bobby Labonte Mommy NASCAR Jeff Gordon
Dr. Dyer Baby (n/a) Dr. Mike
(n/a) Ryu Miss Jeanette Ryo

3 thoughts on “what’s in a name?

  1. That is funny about the names [just don’t tell anyone you are “Jeff Gordon” when you visit GA :) ; he’s not looked kindly upon in GA- Jonah said, when the Daytona 500 was on, “please let anyone win but Jeff Gordon” Apparently, he picked this up at school because we had never mentioned Jeff Gordon to him. It was pretty funny!!!

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