Concerts and Candy

Emma and Marla went to see The Nutcracker at the lovely Orange County Performing Arts Center in December. It was the first time Emma had been to see ballet and she was absolutely ecstatic. The show didn’t disappoint her one bit and, in fact, she’s now enrolled in ballet and tap dance lessons. The arts certainly can inspire!

Also in this set of photos are some lovely marshmallow dreidels that Emma and Henry made during a Hanukkah festival in Ladera Ranch. Who knew there were such things as kosher marshmallows?

You’ll also spy a picture from one of Emma’s first Daisy meetings. The Daisy Girl Scouts are a precursor to “real” Girl Scouts. I walked to school with her recently on a Daisy meeting day and I have to say, seeing all of the kindergarten girls in their little blue smocks was just about the cutest thing I’d ever seen.

Finally, we wrap up this set of photos with a few pictures of Emma and Henry grubbin’ away on some yummy candy apples from their Uncle Scot and Aunt Danyelle. They were sent for Henry’s birthday but, as you can see, there was plenty to go around so Henry was happy to share. It took several days of concentrated effort to polish the apples off. It’s quite a feat for any treat to last that long in our household these days. Bravo, Aunt and Uncle!

One thought on “Concerts and Candy

  1. I can understand why Emma would be so excited by the ballet. The Nutcraker is a great first exposure…and WOW, the Orange County Performing Art Center is impressive. Hannah just started dance class herself last week, so perhaps the two can put on a show the next time we are in SoCal. :-)

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